Step One

Download App

Download our IoTLock ™mobile application to get started.

Current features include:
- Share access numbers with family and friends.
- Check the lock's status in real-time.
- Easy installation with the mobile app and hardware.
- Manage multiple locations of secured devices.
- Data is stored using proprietary blockchain technology.
- Completely P2P ( Peer to Peer).

'Perfect for commercial use. Custom solutions available.'

Step Two

Configure your chosen setup

Download the PDF below to learn about required hardware, code libraries and other instructions for setting up your IoTLock. Download the IoTLock™ kit to install on the keypad enabled lock, (to be publicly available soon) .

Download PDF

Step Three

Secure & protect your valuables

Once the IoTLock™ application has been installed on your mobile device, the IoTLock™ kit is installed and your hardware is properly setup on the gateway. You are ready to secure & protect your mailbox, delivery box or gunsafe!

Subscription monitoring service is required.
IotLock kit to be available to download soon.

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